Wizard Electronics,  Inc. supplies many  musical instrument and professional audio equipment repairs, synthesizer and other electronic keyboard services, including speaker reconing, power amplifier repairs, and instrument restorations. We are located in Atlanta, GeorgiaWizard Electronics
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Top Quality Pro-Audio Equipment Service and Speaker Repair Facility, Since 1974

Repairs - Restorations - Custom Modifications - Parts - Speaker Reconing
Wizard now has five full-time staff techs to service your gear.

This allows us to provide quicker turn-around, while maintaining quality workmanship!

Custom Recapping
Wizard Electronics, Inc.
We charge $150 to recap most modules and each side of stereo comps. The price may very depending how many caps are in the module. We use only hi-grade electrolytics.

Neve Module Restoration
Wizard Electronics, Inc.
We can restore most any Neve module, which includes recapping, cleaning, and general maintenance of modules. We charge $65.00 per hour, and offer a 100 day warranty on our work.

Tube Microphone Services
Wizard Electronics, Inc.
Tube microphone cables and power supply replacment.

Custom Module Racking
Wizard Electronics, Inc.
Design any configuration to meet your needs.

Custom Speaker Reconing
Wizard Electronics, Inc.
Prices may vary depending on model. Please call for specific information.

Tube Equipment Repair
Wizard Electronics, Inc.
We offer dependable service for all tube amps, comps/lims, EQ's and mic pre's. Give us a call or email us to inquire.

Please contact us with any questions.   800-274-8863
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