Wizard Electronics,  Inc. supplies many  musical instrument and professional audio equipment repairs, synthesizer and other electronic keyboard services, including speaker reconing, power amplifier repairs, and instrument restorations. We are located in Atlanta, GeorgiaWizard Electronics
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Top Quality Pro-Audio Equipment Service and Speaker Repair Facility, Since 1974

Shipping Information
We ship daily to anywhere in the free World.

We're as close as UPS, FedX, or the Post Office.

Shipping Procedures & Requirements

When shipping to Wizard for service, please include:

  Your Name,
  Return Address,
  Phone & Fax Number, with area code, Email Address,
  A detailed description of the problem,
  Your preferred method for return shipment,
  A check for $65.00, to pay the initial diagnostic fee,
      if non-warranty,
  Or a copy of your sales receipt if under warranty.
      Include a copy in the box with the unit and email a copy
      to repairs@wizardelectronics.com that includes your
      tracking number.
  Warranty Repairs must be shipped to us in their original
      box, with original packaging.

  Pack Your Equipment carefully.
  Protect all knobs and shafts.
  If styrofoam "peanuts" are used,
      be sure to put the item to be shipped in a plastic bag
      to prevent packing material from getting
      inside of the unit during shipping.
  All shipments to Wizard must be pre-paid.

  Once a unit has been received at Wizard,
      you will be called and provided your claim number(s).
  If any shipping damage is noted, you will be contacted
      prior to filing any claims.

  For Current turnaround time, Please call 800-274-8863.
      If time delays are caused by out of stock parts,
      you will be contacted to advise you of the delay,
      its cause, and any possible alternative solutions.

  Address all shipments to:

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Wizard Electronics, Inc.
Attn: Service Department
554 Deering Road, N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
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To arrange for service, call:
Toll Free: 1-800-274-8863 (Outside of Georgia)
Locally: 404-325-4891 (Inside Georgia)

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